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Looking back at these past couple days, I feel like I’m writing my own version of A. J. Jacobs The Know-It-All, in which Jacobs makes his way through the Encylopedia Brittanica in pursuit of gleaning as much knowledge and wisdom possible from the world’s overlooked and now seemingly trivial facts. 

While his mission of immersing himself in the 32 volumes’ 44 million words was, to say the least, ambitious, he seeks the bigger picture by being able to zoom in on the details and the result is a surprisingly enticing, engaging book of trivia which was not at all trivial when the people it speaks of were passionately slaving away to create or discover something fresh and new.

Even AJ understood though when enough is enough and he chooses discriminately to reduce 33,000 pages down to 386, so although I’ll still be following Natalie’s prompts from here on out (do or don’t, there is no try), I’ll keep many of the responses to myself and just share with you a few of the tad more interesting tidbits, sprinkling those in alongside whatever else I happen to find.

Maybe I’ll upload a few paintings, attempt a few stories, or talk about India, about which I’ve been reading for the last few days in Operation World .

 Vamos a ver.  We have a really big home and I’m not ambitious enough to seek to tackle all that this world has to offer, actually I’m not interested in most of it, but I think there are quite a few God-given passions worth pursuing.

What are yours?


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