los trastes

More than once all that got from me was the spanish version of huh? (¿cómo?) but I soon learned that in addition to the fairly obvious platos this was a common way to complain about the dirty dishes, which never seemed to be in short supply.

In an attempt to blog through the book´s prompts before it goes back to the library on… oh wow. Sunday.  Or I can renew it and push back the inevitable paying of the 60 cents due 3 years ago for another two weeks.  Either way, I´m trekking my way through and although the book is downstairs next to a big brother sleeping on the couch (although you honestly can´t expect silence at quarter til 1 in the afternoon), I know enough about what´s next to take a stab at it.  (Besides, there´s always the handy cheat sheat).

Tell me about a time you washed the dishes.  This shall be fun!

Ok, I was going to wait until the clock struck a normal number (see one of the earlier prompts about that one- I´m on a schedule…) I can´t wait.  This is easy.  Once, in Mexico, I stayed up with 4 other really fun people and washed dishes for a good 2 and 1-2 hours.  If not more.  Ok, I told my story- the end. 

Seriously though, dishes shouldn´t be this much fun.  I generally like doing them, but I often like doing them alone so that no one is waiting on me, no super fast exhausting assembly line going on, but maybe since we were all a bit slap happy we just enjoyed each other´s company and it wasn´t about cleaning up from that night´s fiesta. 

I washed a lot of dishes, especially in México, where I was told to stay out of the kitchen because I had spent a little too much time in there.  At times I think I used it as an escape, especially in Nica where the table conversation would continue without me while I excused myself to get a head start.  Sometimes it seemed like it would have continued without me whether or not I was there so I might as well be doing something productive with my time. 

  Washing dishes became something easy that I couldn´t mess up at and I became quite defensive at times about that sponge & yet, if the point was to serve and love people, I guess I shouldn´t turn my back on them to do it.


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