The back.

I guess in an effort to save paper, the third prompt is written on the back of that run down old printing paper, causing the words to run into the vertical line of print down the edge.  Something about “ABC -Has God Spoken”.  I think he has.

3.  I remember…

I remember writing a book in the fourth grade – based off the Betsy – Tacy series for those were the girls who I wanted to be.  I would sit and read of having a best friend to play with, imagine with, grow with.

I remember buying all of the books, but ceasing to read them once the heriones grew up and were no longer quite so much fun.

I moved on to stories about Grandma’s attic – items found up there & the stories, behind them.  I wished that I could explore an attic and have someone tell me of a long long time ago when the old, dusty toy was new and loved, and had a name, even if it was a bat or a train.

I wanted to hear stories but even so I wished I had a story to tell.  Something exciting.  Why didn’t my brother sleepwalk so I could tell of the time he almost got lost in the snow.  But then again, that still wouldn’t be my story, but I wanted to be able to tell it nonetheless.

My life was too easy, too boring.  I had never gotten malaria, got stung by my first bee, stepped on a nail.  My life was pain free and with no pain theres no conflict and with no conflict theres no story and where’s the fun in that?

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