Test 1

Here the ten minute questions pause for a second and that word has to be used.  I know she insists that there are no wrong answers and everyone gets an A, but why call it a test, which just leaves a nasty taste is one’s mouth.  It’s probably better that I’m not planning to go back to school immediately.  I got better grades in my highschool AP classes than in the basic community college classes I took for the next two years, especially since it can be really easy to overlook an online assignment for a teacher I’ve never met.  There’s no one to disappoint other than myself and that’s happened before.  I’ll live. 

Yet I suck it up and try to concentrate.  I have a test to take.

(2-3 minutes each)

Give me a memory of the color red.

The light flashed and it caught me off guard.  After all, when was the last time I had seen a street light in Nicaragua?  A few large signs crying ALTO, but ther it was – a stop in a culture that goes whenever it can.

Give me a memory of sound

Sure, keeping the window cracked overnight may bring along the potential of cold, but to hear the chorus of birds in the morning is worth it.  That I’ll miss – even the squawking of guinea hens made El Puente home.

Give me a picture of a teacher you had in elementary school

If she wasn’t wearing a Lakers jersey, I honestly can’t remember what might have been in its stead, but Mrs. Harrison was just as passionate about us as she was about her game.  Her hands would wring as she thought of a surprise for us; or [when] just as in our favorite book, someones name would go on the Discipline board.

Tell me about a meal you loved

Anything would have been fine but if I hadn’t chosen, we wouldn’t haven eaten, so on my 21st b-day the table was set beautifully with flowers surrounding the chicken and french fries.  Only as we were finishing up did they remember to bring out the eggs & flour to make me into the cake.

Tell me about a time you remember rain.

It was only a little windy, but aware that the clouds were quickly approaching, 3 other girls & I rushed to make it safely down the water tower, only to get drenched later on while others watched our fiesta in the parking lot of the Gateway.


One thought on “Test 1

  1. Those spots were SO pictorial and vivid, it didn’t sound like it should have been a ‘test’. Maybe it was because they were sensory… pulling us in, prodding our imagination. I enjoyed those.

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