It’s about 4:45 so I head downstairs to get grab something to drink and decide since the rain storm ended a few hours ago it’s safe to reopen the windows.  In the few short minutes away from what is becoming quite a cozy lair, I managed to put a halt to my mom’s card game and get her as glued to a computer screen as I have been.  Maybe.  I left while she was reading the first. 

Opening the book up again though, I remember that I skipped a question on the test.  Aaghh!!!  Breathe! There’s no grade and I won’t fail.  It’s not the only question I skipped either, but this one wasn’t on purpose so instead of going back and updating the old, I might as well share my answer here.

List 10 smells.  Be specific.

1. croissants (aka a slight wiff of one of Trev’s smellier farts)

2. rat (aka a large pot of beans that had been sitting for the 3 days since the dump was cancelled)

3. garlic – wont get off hands [so its hard to miss!]

4. onion – is it the smell that invites tears?

5. cow- going to Gpa’s

6. sweat – inevitable, but gross nonetheless

7. cookies – dough doesn’t smell and yet is even more appealing

8. bunnies – only for the first 5 min & then I’m immune

9. gas – not strong enough at times

10. fire – campfires smell good, but the same smell elsewhere can be a disaster.

Now, moving forward!


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