Old Friend

Even if I don´t end up recording everything, the pressing desire to write something is getting heavier.  It´s been there essentially forever, and keeps itself tame through boxes of loose leafs and a backpack of books that is too stuffed to fit the eight finished notebooks I collected while away, but the desire that I´ve stifled so many times keeps coming back.  Looking back though, I see an extremely noticeable shift in the style of writing, from I´m bored, lonely and this blank page is a captive audience to a need to record internal conversations with my Creator.  There has been a shift from having nothing better to do then scribble a few hundred words to pass the time to each word holding meaning of its own and a sense that sprinkled in among the apparent clutter lie jewels that are not meant for my eyes only. 

Since much of my practice writings (aka journals) have been immature and unpolished, I´d like to develop a style worth reading so I started following the prompts outlined in Natalie Goldberg´s Old Friend from Far Away and since I´m getting bored of being my own only critic, I thought I´d share the process of finding and refining my voice with you.


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