I love Natalie´s style.  Very relational, very engaging.  She tells me to “feel free to write the worst junk in America” (Goldberg, 2) so I follow her first prompt, and her second, and third.

This was a week and a half ago, but I might as well type out my handwritten responses and have a complete collection.  I might even create a new category and type out some old journal entries one of these days so you can laugh with me as to how much has changed.

1.  I’m looking at… (10 min)

I’m looking at words scribbling across the page – some cursive, some in print, just like they warned us not to do in elementary school.  The words seem rushed, slightly familiar, for although the prompt is different, the same attitude exerts itself through the letters whenever the sense of importance and having a lot to say with oh so little time is forced upon a piece.  Is it forced- a sense thats made up, like running through the airport only to wait at your gate for 20 minutes.  Is it worth cramping up the hand to fit as many words as possible into the small box allotted.  I’m looking at a ticking clock, a reminder that this moment will pass into the next &  all I’ll have left is these scribbled words to tell me whether or not the time was put to good use.  The time is clicking – almost half way over and I’m looking at letters that are slipping into a larger and larger font size, & more spread out.  Does that somehow mean this phrase is any more important than the last, since it takes up more space & demands more attention.  Is flashy good.  Is big flashy?  As the bell goes off announcing noon, I see that my clock still gives me 2 more minutes before noon comes & I must end.  2 more minutes, 1 minute 30 seconds to answer lifes questions for so often questions are all we tend to see.  15 seconds and I let my hand rest.

Next: Shake it Out


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