Tell me about how you drink coffee.  When? Where?  If you don´t drink it, tell me how you stopped…Everything you know about coffee. Go.  Ten minutes.


Is it assumed that every person on this earth has, at one point or another, been addicted to coffee.  How I stopped?  I actually never started.  I´ve had a cup here or there, but for the most part, like a child who turns her little nose up at anything remotely unfamiliar, I´ve avoided it, mostly due to the gross smell.  I´ve sipped out of a friend´s cup when it´s so diluted by chocolate that they just give it a coffeeish name so they can charge more, but it still tasted relatively bland, like a polluted milkshake. 

  I think it would have been really easy to fall in love with it like everyone else, but I´m not sure I really want to.  Especially in Nicaragua, where supposedly the coffee is superb and a pot made from freshly ground beans was available each morning, I could have easily gotten myself addicted.  I might have had to plug my nose the first few times, but it would have caught on.  Yet, I don´t want to be reliant on anything to wake up.  After 5 or 6 seconds of being awake I´m generally fine so as long as someone doesn´t ask an important question before that point I´m usually fully functional.  I´m back to a world of instant coffee so there´s definitely no reason to convert now.  I made it this far without being sucked under.


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