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purpose of bloogging 101. 


  1. yep thats it.  i got nuhtin.
  2. image or do i
  3. self – expression
  4. expressing that we are not unique
  6. everyone gets a little feisty
  7. a bit lazy
  8. imagecreatively driven
  9. image


  10.   mathematics can be extremely creative- within certain confines.  certain, broad, freeing, but hard to see confines.
  11. image
  12. as can science.
    1. photography.
      the art of writing.  a inexplicable pull towards empty space.  art. the new art = “I could do that” + “yeah, but you didn’t”.  Talent to pull the beauty out of empty space by carefully placing the correct amount of clutter around it.
      1. Formatting can screw itself up, but turn out looking cool.  Some of us talk without having anything to say, maybe to make up for silence in the ‘real world’.  Posts are irregular, scattered, scatter brained, or not. 
        They may be well researched.  They may take hours to tweak the formatting.
        It still might come out looking haphazard.  
        No te preocupes. Its cool.