ya yep yes.

jan 29th, 11

Alright, alright.  I’m coming already.  –  Ok, ok. Ya voy.

While I’d like to say I’m not always that hesitant, that I can speak my mind and walk without looking down to double, or triple check that there are no booby traps waiting, sometimes I feel like I’m lagging behind a bit.  When walking in a group, I’m generally in the back since the front just kinda freaks me out.  I may be keeping someone from fulfilling their full walking potential.  I might be in the way.  The back is safer and if someone remembers to check on me, my response is generally the same.  Ya voy. I’m coming.

Or maybe I’m coming is an eager, heartfelt response to a need.  Pick me, pick me!  I’m available.  You need me, I’m there, just let me slip on some shoes.  Ya voy.

I think I like that one better, but either way, I’m going somewhere even if it does take a little while longer.  Endurance, not necessarily speed, signifies strength and thats what my name means:  strength.  Valerie comes from the Latin Validus. valient. strong. In Finnish it would be  Voimakas or for short, Voi, which in standard hand writing can look a lot like Val.

I want to be known as a mover not just as a thinker but a warrior.  Maybe at times a slightly slow-moving, not quite but almost reluctant fighter, but a fighter nonetheless.  I’m getting better at that.

fuerte – ισχυρός – validus – मज़बूत – sterk – חזק – erős – 強烈 – silný – অপ্রতিবীর্য – kali – силен – mạnh mẽ – gajèrd  -قوی – kreñv – ուժեղ – puternic – моцны – voimakas – strong – עָזִּ֤י וְזִמְרָת֙ יָ֔הּ – Go –  شدن – ići – 去 – YA VOY