Solo un poquito sobre mi vida – just a little about me

Sept 1st, 2009

Since less than half of the bio that I set up in December is still true, I figure this is as good as a point as any to fix that.  Ok, my name and place of birth haven’t changed, but it’s pretty boring information and not worth repeating.  I still live in Stow, right between Akron and Cleveland OH, but we’ve been here 11 years as of July so I guess that needed to be updated.  As I noted in the post “One Day More” (a slightly overly dramatic reference from our senior year all school musical Les Mis) the CRA position aforementioned in the previous about page no longer exists, therefore that too is a bit outdated.  I graduated from Tri-C this summer with 85ish credits, including way too many art electives, so the 45 minute commute is no longer a reality and I’m not even going to pretend that I know what my major is.  My associates is a general liberal arts degree and it’s possible that I’ll finish a bachelors in Spanish since it lets me go overboard with electives (which I’ll pretty much do regardless), but it’s also possible that I’ll never step into a classroom again.  There’s a possibility I’ll spend the rest of my life in a classroom, perhaps as a ESL teacher.  If it’s meant to be, I could even end up in a cubicle again.  The more I try to narrow down what I’d be willing to do, the less likely it is that I’d accept a challenge outside of the bubble shaped box I’ve created for myself.  Things work out better when I get out of the way, so as to what the future holds, I’ll just ask the Lord to surprise me.