Valerie Long: Appalachia; Intended to fill in 4 basic blanks in order to introduce myself to AIM’s summer staff/ stm (short term missions) leaders.  1. Photo 2. Where’s home? 3. Missions background 4. testimony.

 [Hello!] 2) Although originally born in Southern CA, I’ve called NE Ohio home for well more than half of my life at this point.  tres) Roughly a week after returning from my first trip (ten days with a local church in Vienna, Austria, where a phenomenal international Church thrives), I sought, found and  registered for what ended up as an amazing almost 3/4th of a year with AIM’s Novas Project.  We all spent slightly over two months at the Gateway in Matamoros, Mexico and my team about 5.5 in Nicaragua (where I recently revisited with the same local church).

FOUR:  Here comes the hard part.  My testimony, my story is simply my coming to know and know of God and His Son basically from infancy.  I’ve continually become discouraged and downright bored while doing so, but as written on my mirror in Gainesville, “God has declared that you are new” and that too is my story.  Becoming new- daily; multiple times daily (& why it’s been necessary; can’t forget that!).  five.  gOD TOLD ME THAT hE’D TAKE ME AS FAR AS i’M WILLING TO GO, so I told Him lead the way.  Make my day.  My challenges to prove Himself are yes, feisty, but at least for now He humors me and it’s been incredible.  I want to learn to be teachable, strong, ladylike.  Not just gentle, but 1) ok with that and 2) able to put it on hold when harsh, loving words are more appropriate.  It’s getting there.