¿quién soy yo?

…que el Señor de la creación / Me queria conocer, Le importaba mi dolor?  G D Em / D C D C   (D D DU)

june 1st 2010

So strumming on beat may not be my strong point (yet), but I was really excited to find a whole bunch of bilingual worship songs, especially since I heard quite a few of them while I was down in Nicaragua for the last 5 1/2 months or so, and in Mexico for the two months before that.

Who am I? I´m kinda still figuring that one out, but I’m taking the slight twinges of jealousy that pops up when others worship with a guitar in hand and learning to do that too (and I’m getting my daily Spanish fix at the same time so you can’t beat that!).

I am a violinist who didn´t practice b/c she was too afraid of annoying someone; an artist who looks at one or two past pieces and wonders whether it was a fluke, a lucky accident that couldn´t possibly happen again.  I am an explorer who´s willing to take that risk and try again regardless.

I´m digging up a treasure that I left deep in the backyard for safe keeping and deciding it´s too valuable to let it remain surrounded by dirt.  The heart is a tricky thing.  Dreams might not get completely squished if stuck in a box below the ground, but if you pave a road over it, they´re still getting stepped on.

I need to write – always have, always will – but I do not need an audience.  I am doing what I do in plain sight so that if the words are meant for someone else, they have a possibility of getting there.

¿quién soy yo? Soy Valeria.  Valerie, valient, strongI am grabbing hold of the promise of life and not letting go, and inviting you to come along and see what that might look like for me if you so choose.  I hope you leave here encouraged with a shovel in hand to raid the backyard and rediscover whatever may be waiting for you right beneath the surface.