for those who are here because I’m not. – March 12th, 2011

Step 1: Rd Welcome to my humble abode (March 12th)

Step 2:  Wait.

Step 3:  The talk to me form goes straight to my email.  I love emails.

(Step 4:  Wait.)

This is only a month, but as I’ve alluded to, the stories are inevitable and I’ll try to give you a taste of that, even if only by posting some of my journal entries once I regain regular access to the internet.

I mentioned to a friend this afternoon that although I waited a good month before really calling home and could be fine without, I will call and make a special effort to keep you updated, even if my mom is the one posting. For only being an eighth of the time of my last trip, this sure feels so much longer, as of right now at least, but maybe that’s because I feel more connected than a year ago, which, of course, I can thank you for.

I had to pull myself away from a seven year old I adore yesterday,  while telling him that I could not stay because there was another little boy, about his age, about his height, that I promised to see again and that basically he has to share.

So that’s pretty much the gist of it.  “Visiting friends” – the cop out answer I’ve been giving to the question of what I’ll be doing – means that the “don’t talk to strangers” advice won’t happen because as we all know and often forget, all friends were once strangers.

Alberto has probably forgotten about me, but I will still keep that promise not as much for his sake but for mine.  I have to.  Essentially, I’m stepping out of my routine and into that of somebody else, whether or not we were friends before, because it’s good for one’s emotional and physical and spiritual health.

Trying something new (which Dad still jokes is so not me) because I absolutely have to in order to keep myself from being rendered useless to complete the old, but I’ll always be back.

Nicaragua was a tough place for me.  Maybe that’s why I love it so much.  III.  Hmmm… idk.  These are the only eyes I have so through that perspective this story will be slowly written but I’m not the main character- just the narrator.

Step 5.  Hugs > emails.  I’ll see you soon.