saturday in review

I spent most of the time that I would have spent explaining the pic that leads here (it comes from our (very) recent attempt to find the perfect wedding shower gift.  Of course I got caught up at the light up mirror which, naturally, is 1) grotesquely magnified in the first place and 2) has an even greater inset that is slightly disturbing and deeply intriguing to the artists eye. Hence the link pic as an undeveloped reference to the grinch learning how to shave. I’d love to have that mirror for self portraits, but it also points out a desire/need? that I’ve ignored and will continue to ignore,  at least for now. Messing with tweezers at this point, especially on my own, would probably be a bad idea)) messing around with the setup of this particular set of posts.

This setup is purely experimental – set the publish date to the 1900s and then just link to the post, but I think it could work.

btw- Zemanta just offered me an annotated link to a beautiful flickr pic of a little girl and the grinch- hand painted green face and all.  Tempting and I know I’ve used brands and others’ pics before, but I still don’t know.  That’d probably be pushing it.

Gotta run but more to come!