la comida


8:20 am

& like yesterday, food calls.*  Mom (love ya!) saw I was awake, and had been since 5:30ish (working at 6am has made sleeping in, even on weekends, nearly impossible- just as I expected.  Oh well- if I ever forget to set my alarm I should still wake up.  I hope) invited my younger brother and I out to breakfast.  Saweet. 

Of course, this entry will probably carry on throughout the course of the day since I will be leaving again shortly, but at six thirtyish am, when I finally decided to venture out into the darkness, unsure whether a sleeping giant (my younger brother) would stir from his not so deep sleep in the privacy of the living room, my intention was to finally verbally express the paradoxical conflicting feelings regarding an upcoming trip**.  Then, before anything had been written, my restless mind saw the media gallery (fig. 1), which is supposed to provide material related to what had already been written, and now I really want to know how the computer compiled the listing of ancient Chinese rituals, Erma Bombeck, something from the book of Matthew and a character chart from some series of which I’ve never heard.  Curiouser and curiouser.

*apparently there’s a Mexican food place about 15 minutes down the road (I live 4 houses from a main road.  Passing (painfully slowly) through the car sales lot speed trap and the university housing block and a few other school buildings and Gabriel brother’s (whose name Mom finally came by by way of Mario) there it is.  Two roads- that’s all I had to go on- one for 4 houses worth – and no, I didn’t pass it, I didn’t get lost and I didn’t freak out but pulling into the parking lot I couldn’t help