Test 2

Thursday, June 03, 2010

11:47 AM

Tell me about a time you were in trouble in class

Being the people – pleaser little suck-up that I was, I was rarely in trouble but I do remember the horror of getting a Level 1 in the 6th grade and having to have my parents sign visible, tangible, proof that I had forgotten something. That I missed something and that someone was not happy with me. I think I cried.

Tell me how you first learned to read

Rumor holds it that I taught myself, learning the alphabet and trying things out at a very young age but I can’t deny or claim to know the story. Maybe I should ask Mom if she remembers.

Tell me how you felt about math

Although my ability to count, add, or do basic calculations in my head is limited, my sophomore year I still asked my Algebra 2 Honors teacher to let me take both Pre-calc and Calc simultaneously, simply because it would better fit into my schedule. I’m glad she knew me better than I did, or at least my capabilities.

Tell me some details about an uncle or grandfather

I only vaguely remember my dad’s dad, Harry, from whom he received his middle name and yet I remember that I did not like him. I know the man hurt my daddy when his eye twitched and didn’t care for the dog they named Barf.

BONUS: Tell me about a bicycle you had

Although the last bike I had ridden was short, pink, had frilly pom-poms sticking out of the handles and used the pedals as the brakes, I got on my new 6 month rental and hoped the seat could be lowered for the next time I’d have to ride through Nicaragua’s busy market.