How a relationship ended

Thursday, June 03, 2010

11:35 AM

I’ve had many relationships simply fade away due to neglect, but I’d be hesitant to admit that they ended. I hadn’t spoken to a former youth pastor since shortly after she moved years ago, but she left a ‘happy birthday’ note on my facebook. Does that mean a relationship that had formerly ended was revived for one day only to end once again? I didn’t respond, partly because I was in Nicaragua with limited internet access, but also partly because of the other 30 some notes from people I rarely hear from. Have those relationships ended and to write a small note is delaying the inevitable.

I can’t help but think of conversations I had months ago with friends in Nica about how, a month or two after we leave, we will forget, we will stop talking to them and it will be like it never happened. How everyone says, we will write, we will talk, we will return and that facade lasts for only a few weeks before boredom and other people and other responsibilities take over and the relationship ends. Or does it?

One quick email might spark a chain of emails. Does that revive or resurrect a relationship.

It’s impossible to keep in contact with everyone, I know that, but when I see many again it’s not like seeing a stranger for the first time. There’s already a connection and even if it has grown dim, it quickly springs back to life, if only for a moment.