Funny – in/around car

Thursday, June 03, 2010

12:06 PM

In or around my car? I know of when a friend reported that a bird flew in her open window and pooped all over the interior. My car got stuck at the entrance of my workplace due to a mechanical error, but it just so happened to be one of the snowiest days all season.

Sometimes it feels like the funniest thing that could be happening inside of my car is to listen to Car Talk with Click and Clack. Although I’m alone during the Saturday morning NPR program, and know nothing nor really care about cars, hearing their laughs makes me laugh along, as somehow I’m a part of their group. I sympathize with the callers and admire their guts for spilling their guts out to the nation; for making weird noises and being ok with the 99% chance of being made fun of.

My car generally isn’t a funny place to be because I’m there.